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Who am I

My name is Luis Morgado. I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon in 1992. I completed my education with a postgraduate Master in Architectonic Contemporary Culture in 1998 and a Ph.D. in IST (Technical Superior Institute) about architectural wood design in 2016. Meanwhile, I have always been immersed in the architectural practice.

I had the opportunity to work in several Portuguese offices, as an employee, freelancer and as owner, in ALM architects.

From 1999 to 2012 I was involved in educational and research activities at Portuguese universities (Universidade Católica, ISMAT, ESAD) and with LNEC (the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering).

In 2014 I went to Canada where I had the chance to work with very good architecture officers (Monteyne Architecture Works and Quadrangle). In Canada, I become aware of different methods of work and construction.

Returning to Lisbon in 2018, full of inspiration and new ideas, I created Luis Morgado Arq.

I am willing to offer you quality and smart solutions.

Our values

We are proud of our profession. We believe architecture has a fundamental role in people’s life. Our solutions can improve life quality, and can add value to places, individuals, and communities. Our values are an orientation and a framework. They guide our willingness for architectural excellence and they support the health of our business:

Looking for Quality – We understand architecture as a balanced answer to very different and complex requirements.

Willing Innovation – New architectural solutions should solve the unprecedented problems and the new questions of contemporary life.

Respecting Contexts – The importance of History, culture, and the character of places cannot be neglected in any intervention.

Defending Transparency – We understand architecture as a process that requires honesty and integrity between all the involved parts.

Willing to Work – Architecture is not an easy job. Good solutions are only possible with full commitment, deep research and hard work, tempered with lots of passion.

Our tools

Architects must balance theoretical and technical knowledge. The academic research I did was always oriented to be applied in my future work at the office. Thinking skills and action skills are both needed in the studio. The quality we want to offer is based on a set of tools that we master. We believe these can make the difference:

Architectonic Culture – I studied a wide range of subjects: the theory of the house, the “housing types for the future” and the methodology for the architectural design of wooden houses.

Technical Knowledge – From construction physics to structural requirements, the architect must understand the basics of them all.

Freehand drawing – We believe it is the natural and most efficient way to explore and express ideas and to discover new solutions.

BIM software – It is a wonder of a conceptual and technical tool.

Experience – The projects we worked on, the people we worked with, the countries we visited, the books we read, they are our experience.

Things we like

Beautiful and smart things are resources of inspiration

Explorando Vancouver na Biblioteca

Exploring Vancouver


The astonishing Rockies


Door in a Japanese garden