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A variety of scales

All works are important works

Different tasks correspond to different tools, time and resources. Anyway, the principles and values of Architecture are a constant in every project.

Sometimes you only need to know the potential of a space that you own or you want to buy. We can check existing conditions and set preliminary solutions.

Licenses or approvals are usually needed for building works. In Portugal, Architecture can only be made by architects. Sooner or later you'd like to call us.

Building from scratch requires lots of skills. The future value of your property is dependent on good design, technical skills and innovation.

The existing buildings are in constant need of renovations. New requirements and new codes, or just the need to add value, claim for a careful work.

Large-scale interventions require an understanding of urban quality: spatial relations public-private, orientation, green spaces, and accessibility must be well formulated.

We spent a lot of time studying wood as a construction material. If you love wood houses or if you simply value eco-friendly solutions, you would like to work with us.