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One at a time

Step by step

From the first contact with you, till the construction works, we are present. We can divide the possible phases of a project into six major steps: Briefing, program, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration.

1. Client's briefing

Here all the raw information is gathered, including contextual data, your inputs, and regulations.

Physical, cultural and technical context

Client's requirements (uses and values)

Budget, costs and process

Environmental concerns

Regulations, norms and quality systems

2. Program

This is where the project's problem is defined. The typological alternatives must be outlined.


Space and Form

Symbolic factors


Building envelope

3. Schematic Design

The architectonic solution is defined, resulting from an assessment of different alternatives.

Formal solutions

Structural solutions

Integration of design strategies

Assessment of alternatives

Definition of the final architectonic solution

4. Design development

Here there is a refinement of the whole design and of the technical solutions with the collaboration of consultants. The goal is to set the approval process.

Codes and regulations review

Durability check

Consultants projects and reviews

Environmental check

Cost estimation and possible basic biding process

5. Construction docs.

The drawings and the specifications for the construction phase are finally produced. These documents are essential for obtaining detailed contractors' bids.

Detailed drawings


Consultant's projects

Call for tenders

Management, review and analysis of submitted bids

6. Construction Admin.

With a contractor selected, the architect should help administer the construction works. The goal is to verify conformance with the delivered project.

Inspection of design integrity

Regular site construction inspections

Assessment of alternatives

Address field conditions

Production of additional drawings, if needed