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Aparttube modules

Tubular modules inside an existing block
Aparttube modules

“Aparttube modules” was a proposal intended to fill a specific urban void in Lisbon’s Avenidas Novas (New Avenuesneighbourhoodd). An urban block was chosen due to its abandon and degradation conditions: waste, prostitution, and drug was the norm when we were starting this proposal. We would like to use concrete drainage pipes and adapt them to temporary residential modules. Benefiting from an existing public street that crossed the block we would like to stack all the modules on the northern side to get as much sun as possible. These modules should be used by young people (students and young professionals) that are being expelled from the city center. This project intended to be in line with the theory of the compact city, where the forgotten voids should require attention from authorities, citizens, and architects.

This project was presented to a public competition organized by the Portuguese Association of Architects in February 2007. The subject was “City Interventions”. It is great to know that the Hong Kong-based studio James Law Cybertecture had a similar idea, but with a real consequence: they built it. See more about this Hong Kong based studio here.