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EPAL Conjunto Edificado em Lisboa

Urban Statement in Lisbon

We wanted to create a significant urban neighbourhood, not only suitable to the place but also formally striking. The idea was to create a natural centrality, a point of articulation in a currently unresolved area and a symbolic landmark of contemporaneity in one of the great axes of entry into the city. Thus, we took into account the following constraints:

– References of the PIP and the Amoreiras Urban Plan, namely assuming, as a fact, the intention to open a pedestrian path, in the NE-SE direction, between the two built masses planned to the north and south. – Need to accept the reference of the indexes established in the approved PIP.

– Acceptance of the road and pedestrian traffic considered in the Licenced Plan (PIP), namely the pedestrian connection to St. Maria Pia, and the road link between St. José Gomes Ferreira and St. Campo de Ourique.

– The importance in terms of architectural and public space quality, environmental quality and sustainability of solar exposure.

– The importance of the visual impact of the built structure, namely in relation to the road axis defined by Av. Duarte Pacheco.

– The Monsanto system of views.