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Pricing Plans


Architecture is an investiment

The value architecture adds require skilled work. We all should look at the fees of architecture services as an investment. Anyway, we know that economy is an important factor in our everyday life, so we are flexible. Usually, we may have four different kinds of pricing approaches.

  • A $ Study Sketch Design
  • Conceptual Study

    Feasibility study

    Architectural analysis

  • B $ Basic Design Development
  • Project 1/100 scale

    Engineering projects

    Permit process

  • C $ Complete Construction Documents
  • Construction documents

    Tender process support

    Site inspections

  • D $ Total Design and Construction
  • Construction management

    Contarctors’ choice

    Client’s representation

Phasing the fees of a complete project

Generally, we assume five project phases in a complete architectural project service (C). First the program, including the briefing, second the schematic design, third the design development, fourth the construction documentation, including the bidding, and finally the construction administration. Every single project is different, anyway, architectural fees can usually be divided into the following standard percentages:

Schematic Design
Design development
Construction documents
Construction Administration